We’re saving the Planet! Objective Eye Tracking and Prof. Gemma Calvert secure a grant from The Institute on Asian Consumer Insight!

We are proud and excited to announce that Objective Eye Tracking is collaborating with Prof. Gemma Calvert and her team of researchers at Nanyang Technological University on a grant project awarded by The Institute on Asian Consumer Insight (ACI).

This ground breaking research project will seek to understand Asian consumers’ sustainable living perceptions and how that translates into their shopping behaviors. The project tackles key strategic topics under the Possible Future Worlds research initiative at ACI. The mission for this project is to better understand how we can reduce the impact that humans have on Planet Earth.

We will probe into the consumers’ subconscious attitudes and emotions about sustainability, recycling and eco-shopping using cutting edge methods including the Implicit Reaction Time tests and Eye Tracking with the Tobii Pro Glasses 2. These methods will help us uncover new insights that are not easily accessible via regular self-report measures and derive new solutions that will help change human behavior and make a difference.


About ACI (The Institute on Asian Consumer Insight)

aciACI was created to help international brands understand Asian consumers and develop business strategies to succeed in Asian markets. By applying the latest market research methods, including psychometrics, biometrics and data-driven approaches, we tap into the deep-seated cross-cultural and often subconscious influences on consumers behavior so that our clients can predict their responses across different Asian markets. ACI also conducts and sponsors research on all aspects of Asian life and disseminates many of these findings on their web-based knowledge platform, Insight+.  For more details about ACI, how we can help your company to better understand your target Asian audience, or find out more about our educational programs, please visit us at ww.aci-institute.com.

ACI is a joint initiative between the Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB) and Nanyang Technological University (NTU) and is hosted at NTU.

About Objective Eye Tracking

oetObjective Eye Tracking are the leaders in Eye Tracking in the Asia Pacific Region. We sell and rent Tobii Eye Trackers to universities, market research agencies, corporates, UX and usability companies across South East Asia, Australia and New Zealand.  We have a team of passionate Customer Experience Consultants who aim to improve the experience of a brand, across every touch point (both online and offline), and are the leaders in using eye tracking technology to uncover unconscious insights which can be used to improve the customer experience.

Tracking the Shopping Experience

It’s so awesome to see how eye tracking is being used by so many people!

A group of Industrial Design students from Nanyang Polytechnic had the opportunity to use the Tobii Pro Glasses 2 to research how people shop at Scanteak, a furniture store in Singapore. For an experience design class, the students wanted to understand how people navigate through the store, and how they go about finding products within the store.

Using eye tracking, they were able to capture video data of where people went to within the store and what people looked at and did exactly.

Scanteak&Objective Asia_13Nov2015

Nanyang Polytechnic students involved with this eye tracking project assignment.

See Tobii Glasses 2 in action!

Have you wondered what the Tobii Glasses 2 can do for you? Look no further, we have compiled a list of videos depicting the usage of Tobii Glasses 2 in its many varied areas of research.

With this new wearable eye tracker, your glimpse into the unconscious mind of humans as they go about in the real-world environment need not be just a faraway idea but a confirmed possibility now!

Contact James Breeze at jbreeze@objectiveeyetracking.com for further information about renting or buying the Tobii Glasses 2 for your needs across Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and the rest of South-East Asia. We also provide consulting and research services.



Two tennis players wearing the Tobii Glasses 2 during a match.

ESPN2’s Sport Science team tested former Auburn University wide receiver Sammie Coates’ reaction times with the versatile real-world eye tracking glasses, Tobii Glasses 2.


A driver tested out the Tobii Glasses 2 on a race track (Willow Springs International Raceway) in a high-sun desert environment.


This short video shows the search and purchase behavior of a shopper in a local pharmacy store for Panadol.


In this usability test, the participant was instructed to use Google Maps on a smartphone to navigate from his office to the main station. In addition, he was asked to check the different visual cues such as the blue (highlighted) path. The accuracy of the eye tracking data in these conditions is estimated at 0,4° on real working conditions.

This short video demonstrates where a person looks whilst playing Candy Crush on a smartphone.


User puts on the Tobii Glasses 2 and work his way to the MRT station.


A short video showing where a child looks whilst trying to follow instructions on how to put together a Star Wars Lego creation.


A research suggests that novice and expert jugglers use different visual and motor strategies. While novices tend to look at the balls around their zeniths, experts mostly fixate their gaze at a central location – so called ‘gaze-through’. The latest found to be a simpler one allowing superior tossing accuracy and error corrections.


In this video, the user cooks breakfast in his kitchen.The Glasses 2 provides an in-depth yet unobtrusive method in showing what a user sees and do in their natural settings. This is helpful with understanding consumers’ behaviour outside of a lab setting.

Do you want to know how to apply the eye tracking methodology using the Glasses 2 into your research?

Tobii Pro Insight Research Services are hosting a FREE webinar:  Wearable eye tracking and ethnographic field methods – an autonomous approach  on 2nd July 2015, at 16:00 PM Central European Time (GMT +1). 

You will have a walkthrough of this innovative ethnographic pilot study of young peoples’ reading behavior and media usage. You will also see how our easy-to-use Glasses 2 can be used in your research and have your questions answered by one of our very own Tobii “Pro’s.” 

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