Eye Tracking Lab Simulations in Singapore

We have some cool new set ups in our usability testing lab in Singapore!

In a recent iphone eye tracking usability project we used two different set ups during one testing session. We took hi-res images of a convenience store and the back of a taxi that we mounted on Corflute board.  We swapped them depending on the usability testing task that we wanted our test participants to complete whilst we eye tracked them using our Tobii mobile device testing stand for usability testing in Singapore.

Example of our eye tracking usability lab in Singapore
Example of our convenience store simulation in our eye tracking lab in Singapore
Eye Tracking in Objective Asia lab in Singapore - Taxi simulation
Example of our Taxi simulation in our usability lab in Singapore

We would have liked to do this testing with our Tobii Glasses eye tracker in the real world, however, this was not possible due to time and budget constraints.

We found that using this simulation technique really helped put the user into the right the frame of mind. And our client loved it!