We’re saving the Planet! Objective Eye Tracking and Prof. Gemma Calvert secure a grant from The Institute on Asian Consumer Insight!

We are proud and excited to announce that Objective Eye Tracking is collaborating with Prof. Gemma Calvert and her team of researchers at Nanyang Technological University on a grant project awarded by The Institute on Asian Consumer Insight (ACI).

This ground breaking research project will seek to understand Asian consumers’ sustainable living perceptions and how that translates into their shopping behaviors. The project tackles key strategic topics under the Possible Future Worlds research initiative at ACI. The mission for this project is to better understand how we can reduce the impact that humans have on Planet Earth.

We will probe into the consumers’ subconscious attitudes and emotions about sustainability, recycling and eco-shopping using cutting edge methods including the Implicit Reaction Time tests and Eye Tracking with the Tobii Pro Glasses 2. These methods will help us uncover new insights that are not easily accessible via regular self-report measures and derive new solutions that will help change human behavior and make a difference.


About ACI (The Institute on Asian Consumer Insight)

aciACI was created to help international brands understand Asian consumers and develop business strategies to succeed in Asian markets. By applying the latest market research methods, including psychometrics, biometrics and data-driven approaches, we tap into the deep-seated cross-cultural and often subconscious influences on consumers behavior so that our clients can predict their responses across different Asian markets. ACI also conducts and sponsors research on all aspects of Asian life and disseminates many of these findings on their web-based knowledge platform, Insight+.  For more details about ACI, how we can help your company to better understand your target Asian audience, or find out more about our educational programs, please visit us at ww.aci-institute.com.

ACI is a joint initiative between the Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB) and Nanyang Technological University (NTU) and is hosted at NTU.

About Objective Eye Tracking

oetObjective Eye Tracking are the leaders in Eye Tracking in the Asia Pacific Region. We sell and rent Tobii Eye Trackers to universities, market research agencies, corporates, UX and usability companies across South East Asia, Australia and New Zealand.  We have a team of passionate Customer Experience Consultants who aim to improve the experience of a brand, across every touch point (both online and offline), and are the leaders in using eye tracking technology to uncover unconscious insights which can be used to improve the customer experience.

Portable eye tracking – Tobii Glasses 2

Tobii has recently announced the release of their new mobile eye-tracking glasses – Tobii Glasses 2!

Tobii Glasses 2 reveal what a person is looking at while they are engaged with real world environments and in other activities. They are the successor of the original Tobii Glasses, but come with a whole range of boastful upgrades to solidify their place as the future of mobile eye-tracking.

Buy Tobii Glasses 2

Tobii Glasses 2 Eye Tracker available in Singapore soon!

The glasses only weigh a tiny 45 grams and come with an upgraded wide angle HD scene camera and clear rims for optimal viewing. A new wireless feature allows for remote LIVE viewing so that others can instantly view what the user sees! With Binocular eye-tracking for improved accuracy and 1920×1080 pixel scene recordings, this new piece of technology will be in high demand as researchers discover more and more ways to use the technology in innovative ways.


New in Tobii Glasses 2 eye tracker

Live view — allows researchers to see exactly what a person is looking at, wirelessly and in real time. Gain immediate and actionable insights to tailor your retrospective interview prompts.

True view — provides complete freedom of viewing for the wearer thanks to the wide-angle HD scene camera and four eye cameras in a thin frame. Secure valid research by accommodating peripheral vision and natural viewing behavior.

Flexible mapping tool — significantly reduces time for coding videos. Efficiently aggregate and process data from multiple test participants for specific study objects. No more IR markers!

Lightweight, unobtrusive design — feels like a regular pair of sports glasses at only 45 grams. Give participants maximum freedom of movement to behave naturally.

Here’s a recent webinar from Tobii on Tobii Glasses 2 eye tracker

Jakarta Eye Tracker trip

Are you in Jakarta? I have some time free if you would like an eye tracker demo next week?

We are very excited to be sponsoring UX Indonesia Malaysia next Saturday !

Visit Objective Eye Tracking in Jakarta

Come and see some eye trackers at the conference or I can visit you especially to show our eye trackers in Jakarta!

if you are interested in eye tracking in SE Asia please email jbreeze@objectiveeyetracking.com

Objective Asia – A year in summary


It’s coming to the end of 2013 and Objective Asia is very happy to share our achievements in this past inaugural year!

James and Kylie started Objective Digital hoping to use their specialities to make the world a better place. As they expanded from Sydney to Asia, they have set up their regional office in Singapore to help companies create better end-to-end customer experiences through understanding user behaviour and the use of eye tracking technology across all touch points.

We are now a team of 6 and have conducted over 200 interview sessions in just 9 months. We have outgrown our initial office space, took over the room next door and will be aiming to move to a bigger office early next year.

Objective Asia has been real busy this year! We sponsored UXSG 2013 and demonstrated our eye tracker in Singapore, UXMalaysiaCustomer Experience Management Asia 2013 and Retail Solution Asia 2013! We have also been evangelising UX and CX while demonstrating the unique insights from eye tracking, through trainings at Hyper Island and URA to speeches in Next Bank Sydney 2013 and various other companies.

To wind up an amazing and fruitful 2013, we are very proud to announce that James Breeze, CEO of Objective Asia & Objective Digital has been selected to join the Q&A panel at the screening of Saatchi & Saatchi New Directors’ Showcase (NDS) happening for the first time in Singapore on 10 December 2013. The panel will be discussing about the ‘Impact of the Internet on filmmaking’!

The panel includes James Breeze(CEO, Objective Asia), Wee Li Lin (Filmmaker, Bobbing Buoy Films), Ays Tan (Executive Producer, Great Guns) and John Lui (Film Reviewer, The Straits Time) by the Worldwide Creative Board.

To find out more about the event, visit their website.

Thank you for your support this year! We look forward to another great year in 2014!

Happy holidays!

Objective Asia in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia!

Have you heard about UX Malaysia and Retail Solutions Asia 2013?

We are sponsoring both UX Malaysia 2013 and Retail Solutions Asia 2013! Which means… we are heading over to Malaysia; Kuala Lumpur for these two BIG events!

We are all geared-up to make sure we showcase our latest eye-tracking technology and unveil the secrets to optimising sales in retail environment!

We are all lovely and friendly people so do pop by our booth #A045 at Retail Solutions Asia 2013 and say ‘HELLO’ to us!

PS: You can even read our Bahasa Site Objeitve Eye Tracking Malaysia