Tobii Pro announced a new feature for Tobii Pro Glasses 2 software, which will help us simplify and streamline the behavioural coding process.

New Feature: Event Count (in Tobii Pro Glasses Analyzer)



This latest feature of the Pro Glasses Analyzer allows you to measure the occurrences of instantaneous behaviours other than gaze, i.e. using events to mark and code relevant user behaviours. In addition, you can also apply the Time of Interest feature to measure the length and duration of these coded behaviours.

By combining gaze data with occurrence of other behaviours in our research, we can create advanced metrics that will enhance in-depth insights into human behaviour.

Other improvements to the Tobii Pro Glasses Analyzer includes:

  • Improved usability by making it possible to edit Custom Times of Interest in the Visualisation tab
  • Added Standard Deviation (N-1) and Variance to all Metrics
  • New columns added in data export: Date of export, Recording resolution, Recording Fixation filter, Gaze event duration
  • Improved Real-World Mapping performance and algorithm


If you want to find out more Tobii Pro Glasses 2, head over to Tobii Pro’s website for more details.

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