Are you using eye tracking as a differentiator in your marketing?

Edith Conan University in Perth is! In psychology, Dr. Shane Rogers and his honours students are using 2 pairs of Tobii Pro Glasses 2 in a unique and exciting way, to understand how two people interact with each other.


Using the eye tracking research methodology is such a novel and exciting way to conduct psychology research that the marketing department of ECU has caught on and used it to promote the psych course. Check out their awesome marketing campaign below!


New marketing campaign by ECU, featuring the Tobii Pro Glasses 2

Stay tuned! As Shane will be sharing his research with us as it progresses!

P.S Check out how ECU has used the Tobii Pro Glasses 2 in a previous research study investigating the similarities and differences on the Aboriginal Australians ways of seeing the world to non-Aboriginal ways.

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