Tobii Pro Glasses 2 Software Update (April 2016)

Great news! Tobii Pro just announced 2 new features for Tobii Pro Glasses 2 software, which will help us segment data more accurately and to make analysis faster.

New Feature: Event Logging (in Tobii Pro Glasses Controller)

The Tobii Pro Glasses Controller software now comes with the function to log live events. This enables you to highlight interesting parts DURING the recording itself. These event can also be exported, together with the other data collected, into the Tobii Pro Glasses Analyzer software.

New Feature: Time of Interest Feature (in Tobii Pro Glasses Analyzer)


This latest feature of the Pro Glasses Analyzer allows you to segment data by creating custom portions of the video recording. For example, you can choose a ‘start event’ and a ‘stop event’ to get a clearly defined set of data for a particular event of interest.

Together with the event logging feature from the Pro Glasses Controller, interesting parts of the recording can be accessed quickly and easily to create Times of Interest.

Other improvements to the Tobii Pro Glasses Analyzer includes:

  • New quick-access menu
  • Possibility to resume Real-World Mapping by storing all queued automatic mapping tasks when closing the program
  • Major performance and stability improvements for big projects, where some operations can be 10+ times quicker now


If you want to find out more Tobii Pro Glasses 2, head over to Tobii Pro’s website for more details.

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