Thank you to everyone who attended the Eye Tracking workshop and discussion

Thank you to everyone who attended the Understanding Human Behavior with Eye Tracking workshop held at the Institute on Asian Consumer Insight (ACI) in Nanyang School of Business (Nanyang Technological University). We heard from a variety of speakers (Dr. Adam Roberts, Haojiang Ying, and Shannon Chia) about how people navigated in indoor environments using certain architectural cues, how people paid covert attention to and perceived emotions with limited facial information, and what athletes paid attention to while playing their sport (badminton) when compared to novices.

Everyone then shared and discussed about eye tracking methodologies, ethical issues, capabilities of the devices, and research ideas. We hope everyone learnt something here, because we at OE certainly did!


Major thanks to Prof. Gemma Calvert and Samantha Wan in ACI for their efforts in putting this event together.

The event was captured on video! Stay tuned, we’ll share that very soon!

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