Introducing myself (the new intern)

imageHello, pleased to meet you! My name is Shahiza, or Sha for short. People would say or probably call me an easy going, friendly, supportive, caring, passionate and one who’s young at heart no matter how old I’ll be. I’m currently a Design for Interactivity student under the School of Technology for the Arts at Republic Polytechnic.

In my diploma, it trains and helps me develop and be equipped with designs skills that are essential and can be applied in product, service, digital as well as spatial design, ensuring that by the end of the day, the designs we create will make an impact and make a difference. Most importantly, it has taught me on the fundamentals of empathizing from the users’ perspective.

I’ve now begun a new journey in my life as an intern and I know the next few months spent here at Objective Experience will be a great journey ahead. I wish to understand how it’s like to really think as a UX Designer and at the same time, be exposed to more of eye tracking research methodologies and how to apply it effectively.  I hope that I’ll be able to gain as much experience as possible and expand my knowledge on User Experience by the end of my internship with the guidance and training from everyone here.

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