Internship Experience at Objective Experience


Company Lunch in celebration for Christmas

In a mere three months, I have grown to become a part of the Objective Experience family. I was blessed to be given plenty of opportunities to learn, explore and try. This is coupled with fun colleagues and a conducive working environment, there isn’t more I could ask for.

As a business innovation design student at Singapore Polytechnic, I was trained to be a design thinker, whose role revolves around the creation of user experience through user empathy. At Objective Experience, I was able to apply what I have learn and on top of that, acquired new skills and gained more exposure of the industry.

In the first week of internship alone, I have already learn how to use video editing software to tell stories gathered in user research studies, something I never thought about as a tool in story telling.

In the subsequent three months, I was roped into many client projects to help out. Apart from the usual role as the research assistant, taking down notes for usability test projects, I was also encouraged to moderate in interview sessions. From there, I gained valuable experience on how to moderate interview sessions using Tobii eye tracking technology.


Moderating the interview

Through the use of eye tracking technologies, I was able to ‘see’ many things I couldn’t before. As the saying goes.” The eye is the window to the soul”, and eye tracking technology has not only been an interesting method for me to understand how we can now retrace the “footsteps” of the user but also uncover the users’ needs that add value to the user-experience design approach.


User Testing with the Tobii Eye Glasses

Last but not least, I appreciated that the company is willing to invest in its people. I often gain valuable tips from my supervisor and seniors on how I can improve my work, for instance improvement of the structure and flow of my presentation slides so that my presentation message can be easily communicated across. During my stint at Objective Experience, I was also given plenty of opportunities to handle projects on my own, unleash my creativity through visual design (in my presentation slides, banners and card design), and the chance to be involved in a client’s meeting. It is truly a rewarding experience for me.

Every week was new, exciting and rewarding. To sum it up, I am grateful to have been given the opportunity to be part of this wonderful team.


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