Working at Objective – a Testimonial by Atticus

It has been 3 months since I joined Objective as an intern, and it has been quite an enlightening experience thus far. I have gained better understanding of how Objective works, learned a lot and experienced differing situations that have then enlightened me.

What do you feel about Objective?

In the perspective of work, I liked how Objective has helped me to better understand Design Thinking on a broader perspective. Coming from a Business Design background, I had a misconception that Design Thinking only applied to business, and Objective has shown me that the physical products too have a fair share of Design Thinking, coupled with various methodologies and tools (like the Tobii Eyetracking).

In the perspective of experience, I enjoyed being at Objective as it felt like a second family there. The consultants are engaging and fun people, often having a positive and encouraging atmosphere. They are very bonded, with a very strong work chemistry between each of them, and I guess have this ‘groove’ around them that always seem to make people smile.

What is the most important lesson you’ve learnt in Objective?

For me, the most important lesson would be adaptability.

To be successful, one must adapt to the situation at hand and make the best out of it. Through the internship, I have seen and experienced times where project clients increased the difficulty of the tasks by either adding more conditions (recruitment) or changing things at the last minute.

However, the consultants there never faltered, nor did their pace slow. Despite all odds, they worked hard and strove on, allowing them to accomplish their project efficiently. It is this mentality that helps them survive such harsh work environments, and something that I would hope to take away from my internship here.

Finally, what would you hope to take away (that can be applicable throughout your career)?

From my internship here, I hope to take away:
Design Thinking – A better understanding of Design Thinking is extremely useful. As Design Thinking is still in its early stages of local implementation, having such experience and understanding would be very beneficial in the long run.

Proactiveness – This is something that I lack thereof, thus I really hope that I can be more proactive and help contribute the future company that I work in more effectively.

Various basics and skills – I hope to be able to bring back some of the basic skills that I learnt at Objective, such as the use of Tobii, Adobe Premiere Pro, Excel etc. It would help me be able to get a better grasp of such programs should I encounter them in the future (more likely!).

– Atticus Kwek

Intern at Objective Experience