Working with Objective Experience is…

One of the best things about working with Objective Experience for me…

I like the autonomy that Objective Experience offers. I get to design and structure my client’s research studies based on their needs. The working environment is also great, with teamwork taking the forefront. Everyone pitches in, be it for a study, a demo that we need to present to a prospective client or a booth at UXSG2014!

Senior User Experience Consultant

…is the opportunity to travel and meet people from different cultures. In the span of a few weeks, I was in Mumbai, Delhi and Hong Kong as well. As a UX consultant, I believe that getting away from one’s desk and connecting with people will make me a better designer and researcher.

Gowri Penkar
User Experience Consultant

…is to have that comfortable space to be able to ask for help and everyone pitches in to do so (they even offer their assistance before you even know that you need it). It’s a great way to learn!

Lynette Goh
User Experience Consultant

…is being able to improve the quality of people’s life by doing research with people all over the globe. Learning how different cultures shaped people’s perception about things to help my client view their customer lives from their customer’s point of view.

Yeo Poh Khim (PK)
User Experience Consultant

Working at Objective Experience has really been enlightening and it was really an eye-opener for me. I am able to meet different people and gain  more insights about their expectations and needs, in regards to user experience. My interest and perception towards user experience had also been improved,  as I feel that I am able to understand how user experience design and actually have an influence in user experience.

Ji Li
Intern (Student at Republic Polytechnic)

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