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Eye Tracking in Manila, Philippines

Breaking News!

Objective Eye Tracking have just run an eye tracking study in both Manila’s wet market and supermarkets with our Tobii Eye Tracking glasses!

Tobii Eye Tracker Manila

Wet market eye tracking Philippines
Tobii Eye Tracking Manila wet market

Another wet market venue for eye tracking in manila
Buy Eye Tracker Manila for wet market research

A Manila supermarket was the venue for our eye tracking research in The Philippines.
Supermarket eye tracking Manila

The main objective of the study is to understand how the locals react to the point of sale materials (POSMs) during their regular shopping trip.

Conducting the eye tracking study in a wet market is a difficult task! During the study we were faced with challenges such as lack of security in a huge environment, lack of power sources, issues with permits, placements of the markers, and other technological risks while the participant wore the glasses, and wandered around in the market.

Shoppers were more independent in a supermarket than in a wet market, because in a wet market the unspoken rule is to ask the store keeper for the item they want. In that case, there is no interaction between products and the shopper; resulting in minimising the possibility of the shoppers trying new products. With that in mind, POSMs are not as useful in a wet market context as compared to supermarket. 

So how did the similar POSMs fare in both contexts? What news does it bring to the marketing department?

In both contexts, shoppers are very goal orientated.  Due to years of exposure to POSMs, shoppers tend to ignore the POSMs, considering them to be part of the in-store decorations. Consumers are more attracted to words that indicate savings to them (e.g. buy 1 get 1 free, 20% more, etc.) on the packaging of the product.

Of course, this is not all we have to share about this very interesting study! We have a post with interesting observations and findings from PK awaiting to be shared with you all.
To understand more about this study, stay tuned to our blog! We promise to share with you once the results are ready.

Thinking about it, every country is uniquely different in their culture and environment. Imagine what kind of result would we get if we conduct similar eye tracking study in Indonesia or Thailand?

We are travelling around the world with our eye trackers! Next stop, we will be bringing our eye tracker to Jakarta, Indonesia.

For help with your Philippines Eye Tracker Research, please contact jbreeze@objectiveasia.com or look at our Tagalog site.

PK Yeo

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