Combining Contextual Inquiry with Eye Tracking

In Singapore and Sydney, we have been using a new technique for Eye Tracking in Situ.

With technology becoming more and more complex, it is key to understand how actual users interact with challenging applications. Observing users work with these systems while at work or home is bound to yield rich qualitative data.

Design Best Practices Become Performance Worst Practices

An eye tracker placed under a call center screen showing gaze paths for two different operators

Objective Asia’s article, “Combining Contextual Inquiry with Eye Tracking” on UX Magazine describes how eye tracking call center operators revealed some pretty cool insights. It revealed how a stressful environment coupled with an ineffective interface can result in bigger issues, like poor customer satisfaction and high staff turnover.

Needless to say, the findings from the eye tracking analysis put a lot of arguments to rest and were the basis for the design decisions for the systems improvement.

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