Data enhances creativity

Data <=> Creativity

Traditionally, creatives tend to avoid data for fear that they will be judged and that the numbers won’t be constructive in the creative process.

Now, data is so in your face and instant that you can not avoid it!

As a psychologist, I see data not as a number, but as a way to measure human behaviour and people’s emotional response to things. Once we understand people’s reactions to creative, in this competitive environment, we can use this to make sure that our art appeals to those who look at it.


We use eye tracking to enhance the creative process by:

  1. Seeing how people responded to similar things in the past and predict how they might do so in the future
  2. Testing concepts as they are being produced and making sure that people are looking at the right thing.

After all the eyes are our primary way of taking in the world around us.

The way we do our eye tracking research is to record where someone is looking while they experience, say a TVC or a website, and when they have finished we play back to them what they did and interview them about it. They will be able to recall things they were not even conscious of.

Because much of our looking is subconscious this research process allows us to learn new things and work out how to make our concepts more engaging at an emotional or unconscious level.

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