The power of customer experience

The Customer Experience Management Asia 2013 conference held in Marriott, Singapore highlighted the need for customer experience to build a competitive edge. A plethora of presentations on various aspects of customer experience focused on leveraging the digital arena and analytics to deliver great customer experiences.

Objective Asia was one of the sponsors at CEM 2013

Objective Asia was one of the sponsors at CEM Singapore, 2013

We, as UX evangelists and practitioners, are indeed heartened to see such emphasis being laid on the customer. This was reflected in the fact that attendees at the CEM conference were top executives from diverse backgrounds such as financial services, technology and retail. UX practitioners have been rallying for the customer’s cause for quite a while. And now, all of a sudden, the debate on whether the customer’s point of view is important, seems to be over. So what made this drastic shift in organisations across industries? What made organisations appoint C-level executives to oversee customer experience in their respective fields?

It is a dawn of a new era, one where the customer is truly king. With the reduction of differentiators among products of varying brands, the only discerning factor is customer experience. Brands are no longer unique, so customers naturally gravitate to any brand that provides the best experience. Social media is one of the factors playing a huge role in shifting focus from the corporation to the customer. Delighted customers relating their experiences on social media is the best advertisement a product can have. On the flip side, irate customers on social media platforms is the last thing an organization would want!

Customer experience is about the all-round experience of the customer. Each stage of the customer experience journey is crucial to the success of a product. For instance, a typical customer journey will encompass marketing communications, product packaging, actual interactions with the customer on the phone or in-person, as well as, product websites, applications and mobile apps. Failure on any of these stages will negatively impact the product.

Understanding the customer and getting into his/ her shoes, so to speak, is the only way to understand the hurdles in the customer journey. That’s because, customer experience goes above and beyond the rational experience.  It is about how a customer consciously and subconsciously sees his/her experience. It is not merely about the ‘what’ but also about the ‘how‘. When it comes to understanding unconscious customer reactions, traditional methods of research have their limitations. Insights on customer behavior are best drawn from eye tracking, as it is objective, works at a subconscious level, and is a view of the customer in his/her environment.

In conclusion, customer experience journeys can be improved by undertaking specialized eye tracking research, designing engaging experiences based on insights from the research and rewiring an organization internally, to think like customer experience professionals themselves. A customer-centric organization is successful when it offers a cohesive, consistent customer experience across all interactions.

Objective Asia's booth at CEM, Singapore 2013

Objective Asia’s booth at CEM, Singapore 2013

Objective Asia are leaders in using eye tracking technology to uncover unconscious insights which can be decoded to improve the customer experience. Having worked with large financial institutions, telco’s, retailers, travel companies, government bodies and universities, our team is equipped with a wealth of knowledge across all aspects of customer experience.

For eye tracking and customer experience research across any consumer touch point, please contact us at

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