What is eye tracking?

Objective Asia, a sister company to Objective Digital, Sydney, have bought our specialty; Eye Tracking technology to work hand in hand with our User Experience Design (UX), Usability Testing and Shopper Research services in Singapore!

Many of you must have heard of the eye tracking technology Samsung have brought into their new mobile phone Galaxy S4.

So what is eye tracking?

In simple words, eye tracking is a hardware technology made by Tobii that traces the movements of your eye in any situation.

How does the eye get tracked?

We see things because light enters our pupil, the light is brought together and the concentrated light sent into the back of the eye, where the retina is.

In eye tracking, the eye tracker produces a infrared ray that reflects off the retina to track the movement of the eye on the product/program they are testing on. Read about how eye tracking works.

So what?

With the eye tracking technology, companies can better understand what is good for their customers and where the users are actually looking. When eye tracking technology is included in usability study/research, we get a better insight as the researcher will be able to see user’s eye movements, and in turn cognitive patterns. These data can then be used to derive and assess the success of the product/software application.

And how does it help to improve our lives?

Simply, when companies/developers understand how users respond in real life to their product/software in prototype or final form, they could make the relevant changes. Such real data helps tremendously to reduce guesswork, and offers designers to focus on the real world challenges that users are currently facing.

How does a eye tracker looks like?

Back in the days, participants for the eye tracking study have to wear a big, bulky, intimidating looking headgear over their head throughout the research session.

Then what kind of eye trackers are we using?

Don’t worry, we are not going to make any participant wear big, bulky and intimidating looking headgear over your head for the entire research session.

Here are some images of what we are using:

For mobile eye tracking, we are using Tobii Glasses (as shown in Fig A & B below)

Fig A (Tobii glasses)                                       Fig B (Participant wearing Tobii glasses)

Tobii Eye Trackers in Singapore

For on-screen eye tracking, we are using Tobii X2-30 & TX300 eye trackers        (as shown in Fig A, B & C below).

Fig A (Tobii X2-30 eye trackers)

Tobii X2 eye tracker in Singapore

Fig B (Tobii X2-30 eye tracker mounted on screen of different sizes)

Fig C (Tobii TX300 eye tracker)

If you are interested and want to know more about how to run a usability session eye tracking, check out this article on Retrospective Think Aloud!

Now, share your thoughts and questions with us!

1) Have you ever tried/seen an eye tracker before?

2) How many of you are interested to know how we collaborate eye tracking technology with usability research?

3) How many of you have participated in a market research or usability research sessions before? Share with us how did your research session went!

To find out more Please email us on info@objectiveasia.com or call James Breeze on +65 8201 7285

PK Yeo

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